• Against type, business thrives

    Against type, business thrives

    Some say print is dying.  But Taupō businessman and long-time owner of Quality Print, Shawn Vennell, disagrees. His printing business is thriving in the digital era. Read More
  • Rafting in their bloodstream

    Rafting in their bloodstream

    From a raft and a trailer operating out of the family shed to one of the country’s top rafting companies, owner Luke Boddington says Rafting New Zealand’s business success has hit new highs opening up a new base in Taupo. Read More
  • Crunching the numbers

    Crunching the numbers

    If you’re in the market for a new toy to boost your business but are a little short on cash-flow, Duncan Brown from Crediflex could organize you a loan, right here in Taupo. Read More
  • Auckland daydreams create Taupo success story

    Auckland daydreams create Taupo success story

    It all started with a dream… and a garage full of retro recycled furniture. Read More
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Pathway and Strategies

To review further information on our pathways and strategies download the following articles:

Our big picture - what's the pathway for Taupo's growth?

Strategy Introduction

Our Vision & Action Steps

Data & Local Economic Information

Collaboration - Who does what?

Our Internal Structure and values