Enterprise Angels

Since launching in 2008, Enterprise Angels members, co-investment partners and EA Fund 1 & 2 have invested $34.1m in 68 early stage companies

Got a viable business idea?  Enterprise Angels can help you grow it!

Enterprise Angels Plenty of Innovation Programme assists entrepreneurs and innovators through the various stages of preparing to successfully raise capital. Enterprise Angels members will consider investing in businesses from all industry sectors and at any stage of growth including:

  • Early stage/seed stage companies looking for investment to kick start their business idea.
  • Businesses that have validated their business concept and are seeking funding to develop their idea through early development, prototype and intellectual property protection stages.
  • Start-up businesses ready to commence manufacturing, production and distribution.
  • Businesses that are achieving initial sales and are looking to move into new markets or applications.
  • Established businesses with proven record of sales revenue looking to expand or diversify.
  • Enterprise Angels Plenty of Innovation Programme is designed to take start-ups from innovation to investment.

What stage are you at?

The four phases of the programme are as follows:

  • Plenty of Potential - for validation of your business idea
  • BOP Showcase - showcase your idea to Angel investors
  • Investment Ready - complete your capital raising documentation
  • Member Meeting Pitch - you are ready to pitch to investors

About Enterprise Angels

Enterprise Angels (EA) is a unique model of early stage investing in New Zealand with a professional management team, over 150 Angel investors and close to 20 Strategic and Corporate Members making it the largest investment group of its kind in the country.

We regard our model as ‘best practice’ for investing in early stage companies – efficient, rigorous, mitigating investor risk and through our team and members adding real value as well as capital to investee companies.

We look for investment opportunities with unique innovation, technology and global scale.  We invest in IT technology but also agri-tech, food, hort-tech and biotech companies.  While investment funds are always important, we regard the skills and experience our management team and our members bring to companies we invest in, as being even more important.

We invest in deals throughout New Zealand but due to our geographical location and investment focus nearly 50% of funds invested to date have been in Bay of Plenty and Waikato companies.

An incorporated society, EA was established in 2008 and is governed by a Board of Directors elected by its members. 

EA manages EA Funds 1 and 2 which invest alongside Enterprise Angels members, assisting investee companies reach their capital raising targets and members build investment portfolios.

We offer a nominee service whereby investments are held and administered on behalf of our investors by EA Nominee Ltd.  EA Nominee Limited (EAN) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Enterprise Angels Incorporated.

We have invested in an online investment platform - AngelEquity – the most rewarding investor network - to provide all wholesale investors in New Zealand access to deals invested in by angels, with all the investor protective terms, valuation negotiation, due diligence and post-investment management that professional investors in the early-stage market enjoy.

There are three options for engaging with Enterprise Angels:

As a Registered Investor on www.AngelEquity.co.nz

As an Individual Member (for those who qualify as ‘wholesale investors’’); or

As a Strategic Partner or Corporate Member (for key commercial partners).

We would encourage you to visit us at www.AngelEquity.co.nz to learn more about angel investing or www.EnterpriseAngels.co.nz to learn more about us.