Relocate to Taupo

A move to Taupo can take your business from good to great!

 This great region has energy to burn, money to spare, time to share and room to move.

Moving your business to Taupo can provide you with the room and resources you need to grow.  Taupo has a strong growing local economy with low unemployment and a thriving business sector. The region has an abundance of affordable commercial property available for lease or purchase, as well as significant tracts of undeveloped land ideal for those that require a purpose built facility.  

There are numerous advantages of operating your business in Taupo. Regardless of the nature of your business you will find benefits awaiting you. 

One of the main perks of basing your business in Taupo are the affordable operating costs which are lower compared to the big cities, rent is lower wages are lower and many other business expenses are the same or lower compared to the main centres around New Zealand.  

There are commercial buildings in Taupo ready to house your business at a much lower lease price than you could be paying in a big city.  Lease prices for industrial buildings in Taupo start at $60m2 and commercial offices average around $130m2.   We’ve seen an influx of smart business owners purchasing land in Taupo and building custom designed warehousing and manufacturing facilities for a fraction of what they were paying in Auckland… compare our prime industrial bare land price of around $110m2 to Auckland, Hamilton or Tauranga prices and you’ll see how much money you can have to spare.  


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Taupo is the heart of New Zealand, centrally located to all the major cities and already a strong hub for national distributors with numerous road freight options to get your product to market.  With two Ports nearby you have competitive export and import options, and the new Waikato Expressway will significantly shorten the trip between Taupo and Auckland.

For businesses that require a lot of power, and in particular require heat or energy to manufacture a product – then Taupo is definitely worth considering. The large levels of geothermal energy available can reduce power/energy overheads by many thousands of dollars.

Taupo can also offer you and your family the lifestyle you have dreamed of.  It offers the big city amenities and features without the hassle and stress of big city living.  Taupo offers an ideal environment to raise a family.  It is a safe place, with a strong local community and sense of civic pride, people who live here love living here.  Plus Taupo has extremely affordable housing, great schools, strong transport links, an enthusiastic and business friendly council, and oodles of alpine charm.  You can read more about living in Taupo here, check out the property market here, or some key information ahead of a move to Taupo here.

The town offers most things you would find in a larger centre, but with free parking and easy access.  National chain stores mix with independent retailers providing all of the stores you’ll need plus the great café culture and nightlife will keep you entertained. 

"It’s like always being on holiday.  In summer, by 5:30 I’ve finished work, grabbed the family, and we’re out on our boat enjoying a swim and a BBQ.  Back in Auckland, we wouldn’t have even got home by then, let alone got the boat on the car.”

We'd love to show you just how easy it is to relocate to Taupo.  

Click here to register for a 'Taupo-tiki-tour' if you would like to move here and work for one of the amazing businesses
Click here to register for a 'Taupo-tiki-tour' if you would like to move your business here and have a great work life balance
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