Many businesses have already made the move to Taupo, you could be next.

Taupo is home to many strong businesses that are succeeding at a local, national and international level and we think there are others out there who’d like to do the same.  Don’t just take our word for it, come for a Taupo Tiki Tour and check it out.

We will sit down with you and see what you need, introduce you to property developers and land-owners, discuss your requirements and connect you with the right people making the move to Great Lake Taupo as simple as possible

You need power, we’ll get you power.  

Need warehousing, we’ve got it.  

Worries about resource consent?  We have a dedicated person at Taupo District Council who is 100 percent committed to working with you.  

Curious about schools? We’ll take you to meet the principal.  

Where to live?  We’ll show you some houses.

Concerned about transporting your product to market, or getting your inwards goods here in time? We’ll go and chat with the trucking firms.


And when you do decide to make a move - we'll make your transition even easier with the ‘Welcome Home to Taupo’ pack.

For businesses that meet the criteria, you'll receive a package of benefits that includes everything you need to get your business established such as stationery, signage, printing, power, telephone and internet, marketing, advertising, memberships to local groups and even the Mayor’s cellphone number!

We'd love to show you just how easy it is to relocate your business and family to Taupo.  


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