• Great forecast for Kloud

    Great forecast for Kloud

    Taupo is emerging from the clouds as the place to connect with first-rate software solutions.  Kloud, a world-class software development company founded by developer John Curtis, is connecting businesses with the best solution to their computing headaches right here in Taupo. Read More
  • Business outside the big smoke

    Business outside the big smoke

    They’re Taupo’s Good girls of graphic design. Donnee Murray, Penny Egerton and Laura Miller make up Good Graphic Design, a company they founded in their backyard studio in 2012.  Read More
  • Crunching the numbers

    Crunching the numbers

    If you’re in the market for a new toy to boost your business but are a little short on cash-flow, Duncan Brown from Crediflex could organize you a loan, right here in Taupo. Read More
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Starting a Business

Here's a great place to start!

Starting a business is an exciting journey - with highs and lows, and plenty of uncertainty.  You are faced with many decisions along the way, and one of the earliest may be where to locate your fledgling new enterprise.

Taupo is a great place to build a new business - with all the essentials you need to help you get started not only available, but affordable and easy to access.

Regardless of what type of business you are starting, you will find your home in Taupo.  Our CBD is a thriving centre for retail, hospitality and professional services.  We have two trade and industrial hubs within five minutes drive of the CBD and large scale industrial land and buildings on the outskirts of the township.  Mangakino to the North and Turangi to the South also provide plenty of great opportunities.  Mangakino services a strong rural economy, whilst Turangi is the 'base camp' for the mountains and well known for it's array of adventure and outdoor activities.

The team at Enterprise Great Lake Taupo can help you on your start-up journey, by providing advice, connecting your with service providers or mentors, and helping you navigate the bumps along the way.  We can help you sign up for a business mentor, explore funding opportunities with Enterprise Angels, or introduce you to some like minded people at The Engine Room - our 'support group' for entrepreneurs.

If you're ready to take the plunge and start your new business in Taupo, our 'Welcome Home to Taupo' pack contains an impressive selection of benefits and resources for your new business, including discounts and offers of essential goods and services valued at over $20,000.  Complete the form here and we'll be in touch.