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Do you have the next great business idea or product?

Taupo is a place where dynamic and innovative start-ups, entrepreneurs and high-growth businesses can be based – and trade successfully in a national and global context.

We can prove that you don’t need to be in a big city to succeed.

Lower overhead models in smaller centres such as Taupo means more money can be spent on R&D rather than on paying rent!

It may be that you have a great idea and a well-developed business plan/product, but can’t get to a place that you can actually take the big leap of faith, quit your job and turn it into a business due to the high cost of living and business in a bigger centre.

The team here at Enterprise Great Lake Taupo can support you on your entrepreneurship journey in many ways. 

Taupo has co-working spaces, access to funding through various channels, our 'Engine Room' entrepreneur / innovation / remote-worker group, one-on-one support, specialist mentors, training & development programme, business events and access to successful local entrepreneurs for ongoing advice and support.  All that's missing is you and your great idea!

Keen to find out more about how you can move your idea into reality?

Register your interest in coming to Taupo to develop your concept into a business - we'd love to help you succeed.

Let us know a bit about you and your idea and we may invite you to Taupo to check out what we have on offer, put you in front of the people that have done it and show you the great lifestyle to match your goals. 

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