Against type, business thrives

Some say print is dying.  But Taupō businessman and long-time owner of Quality Print, Shawn Vennell, disagrees. His printing business is thriving in the digital era.

“I’m often asked how my business can survive in the modern environment of smart phone apps and online dependency,” Shawn says. “It’s about adaptation. Certainly, we’re not printing the same types of documents at the same volumes we were 10 years ago, but we’re still pumping our presses six days a week and continuing to grow.” 

Joining the company as a fresh-faced apprentice in 1985, Shawn quickly developed a passion for print and worked his way up to purchasing the business outright in 2008.

And it would seem that Shawn and his team are doing something right.  In 2009, they won the Best Trade/Service Business and the Overall Business of the Year in the Taupō Business Awards, followed in 2010 by Best Trade/Service Business. In 2011, the business earned the Medium-Large Business of the Year category.

A commitment to customer service and reinvestment boost this Taupo success story.