Rafting in their bloodstream

From a raft and a trailer operating out of the family shed to one of the country’s top rafting companies, owner Luke Boddington says Rafting New Zealand’s business success has hit new highs opening up a new base in Taupo.

The family owned company launched their world-first 4D rafting simulator experience, Whitewater World, in Taupo at the end of 2012. The simulator is designed to whet the appetite of potential rafters while keeping their toes dry and Luke says so far it’s been a great success, with many cinemagoers opting to try the real deal.

Luke and wife Pianika came up with the concept of a rafting simulator as a way to overcome seasonal limitations within the region and to attract visitors from Taupo over to their Turangi base close to the heart of the action-packed Tongariro River.

Business culture and the right team have created this Turangi success story.