Great Opportunity Prompts Move

When you ask Matt McIvor why he loves living in Taupo, a big smile creeps across his face.

 Matt is the marketing manger at Ruapehu Alpine Lifts (RAL), the company behind Mt Ruapehu’s Whakapapa and Turoa ski fields.

Originally from Te Awamutu, Matt spent the past eight years living in the South Island. He jumped at the opportunity to head back to the Waikato and to base his family in Taupo in April this year.

“It was a bit of a homecoming for me and such a perfect move given my love of the outdoors and my career, plus Taupo is the perfect spot for families,” he said.

“Taupo is very appealing for a number of reasons; the simple things are so easy – such as having large supermarkets and loads of shops, along with great facilities for kids such as swimming pools and plenty of playgrounds and parks.

“It’s also very central, being less than two hours to the beach for a surf, and just over an hour to the nearest ski field.”

Matt said that as well as being a winter hub, Taupo has the added bonus of being the perfect summer town that has a more authentic Kiwi feel than some other tourist centres.

“Taupo has that balance of not getting packed out with tourists but still having a good vibe from our visitors. We’ve got the classic feel of a small town that has everything a larger town has to offer.”

It’s easy to see why that big smile of Matt’s doesn’t disappear easily. “I feel incredibly lucky I can live in paradise, advance my career and bring up a family in such a perfect environment.”