Freelance Food Consultant with a Work Life Balance

Freelance food consultant Di Swann has no doubts making the move to Taupo has improved her work life balance.

“I didn’t have to be in an office which is why I chose to move out of Auckland. Most of my work

could be done offsite, so why would I live in Auckland when it’s just been getting busier and busier,” says Di.

“I’ve now swapped my nice town house unit for a quarter acre section with garden and it has

enabled me change my lifestyle for the better. I have more space and everything is easily accessible.”

As well as developing and writing all the recipes for the Food in a Minute website, Di’s business

Essentially About Food helps companies develop new recipes and ranges for their food brands.

Though much of her work is still Auckland based, she feels moving to Taupo has not hindered her.

“I can skype if I need meetings, email or phone, so it’s not really inhibited my work. It’s only a three-

and-a- half hour drive or 50 minutes flight if I do need to come to Auckland,” says Di.

Di purchased a house in Taupo in September 2016 and spent a few months renovating it while still

working. Now it’s finished she says she has more time to get involved with her local community who

are really friendly, and she is also in discussions with a local restaurant regarding running cooking


As working freelance can sometimes be a solitary business, Di also works part time at Chef’s

Complements, which enables her to have contact with people while talking about cooking.

Looking at why she moved Di says for her, the big things are what life should be about. “There’s

more to life than being in a big city, and spending more money. Taupo is very central and it’s a

destination. There’s a sense of community here plus it's great to live close to my Mum.

“I have a great life and I travel quite a bit. I can do all that now and have more space around me.”