Move From Auckland - Best Move Ever

Moving out of Auckland was always on the cards for business partners and couple Robin Gayraud

and Laura Symonds, two of the trio behind the highly successful Backpackerguide.NZ website, which

they set up in early 2014.

Having already fallen in love with the country, the pair decided New Zealand’s backpacker market

needed better information and created the online guide in Auckland. To further their research they

embarked in 2016 on a 365 Days, 365 Activities challenge that saw them visit every region in the

country and experience the very best adventures each had to offer.

“We were in Auckland "against our will", but we needed to be there initially as that’s where we got

all the contacts,” says Robin. “You need face-to face time with customers and many of our key

customers were based there.  Once our customer base was solidified and we had a strong foothold

for the business, Auckland was not needed so we could actually live how we wanted to live.”

During their travels the pair fell in love with Lake Taupo, and Turangi in particular.  “So we had it in

the back of our head when looking to relocate,” he says. “We shortlisted two to three regions and

decided Lake Taupo was best place for us. We came to New Zealand for the mountains and beautiful

rivers and impressive lakes which all happened to be all Turangi.”

Turangi’s central location makes travelling easy and the couple find they can now get to Wellington

faster by driving that they could when they had to negotiate traffic, check in and so on in order to fly

from Auckland.

Robin says the move to Turangi in July 2017 was “super easy” and they had amazing support. “EGLT

has a welcome pack that put us in touch with everyone we needed to be in touch with. It took a

week-and- a-half to purchase a house in Turangi and move in, and we re-started business two days

later. “We go hiking and white water rafting and we really love it. We’re lucky enough to be in the tourism

industry and experience it all.”