Escaped the Toil of Auckland

“We dreamt of this idea of getting a better, totally different lifestyle,”

Barry Loggenberg and his wife Kristin regularly visited Taupo “to escape the toil of Auckland”, as he

describes it. The couple often thought about transferring their entire stamping and branding

business, Stamps Plus Ltd, down there.

“We dreamt of this idea of getting a better, totally different lifestyle,” says Barry.

Last year the company completely reset the way it worked and became more digitally

focussed. Soon after a key staff member, Gordon Smith, and his partner indicated a strong interest

in moving to Taupo.

This was all the Loggenberg’s needed. Having discovered Enterprise Great Lake Taupo (EGLT) while

researching the region, they got in contact and several months later in July 2017 they relocated their

entire operation to Totara Park in Taupo.

“Had it not been for EGLT’s help I don’t think we would have done it,” says Barry. “Their whole

structure and mechanism is very first world. They had a strong network of who to talk to for real

estate, business advice and more and their resources were very good…They made us feel like we

were wanted.”

Barry says Taupo’s central location and good links north and south, plus its network to the coast

means his products move quickly and compete with international markets easily. “It’s a very good

distribution centre,” he says.

Five months on from their move the couple feel they are finally settling in enough to really start

enjoying what Taupo has to offer. They now regularly go out walking and cycling together as well as

visiting Turangi.

“We are over the moon being here. Whether it’s just our attitude, whoever we meet be they retail

or café staff, everyone is so nice. The pace of life is slower here, Auckland is such a hot pot at the


 “Once we’re completely settled and have employed Taupoites and expanded production, we want

to tell other people in Auckland that there’s life outside of Auckland,” says Barry.