Taupo Pathways for Young People

 Inspired by Dale Williams (former Mayor of Otorohonga), the Taupo Pathways for Young People is a collective that has adapted the established 'Mayors Taskforce for Jobs' model and morphed it to reflect the Taupo environment and the unique challenges facing our young people.

There appears to be a major disconnect between the number of young people leaving school with few employment prospects, and local businesses that are sourcing staff from outside the district.

The aim of the group is that all young people under 25 in the Taupo District are engaged in appropriate education, training, work or positive activities leading to meaningful employment.

We recently hosted an Employers Briefing evening in the industrial area to explain the purpose for the taskforce. The goal for this event was to encourage local employers to employ local young people, provide young people with work experience, allow us to understand the current barriers to employing young people, and to assess what skills young people require to be eligible for employment. 

The group also supported the regional Careers Expo held on Tuesday 29 July.  Traditionally the universities and technical institutes have dominated these events, but this year we were keen to promote local career paths for those less inclined to enter tertiary education pathways. We invited local employers to promote opportunities within their industry at the event, with a special focus for those businesses actively seeking to employ local young people. Young people looking for work in the Taupo District were encouraged to attend this session and learn about potential openings for them.

To learn more about Taupō Pathways, contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.Battersby at Enterprise Great Lake Taupo.